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Manufacturing giant two active speech
Source: the original site创      Release time:【2017-01-06】

In 2017 the country has held NPC and CPPCC, as the protagonist of the market economy and the innovation of art, entrepreneurs on behalf of members of the "NPC and CPPCC voice" because always brings together on the forefront of the industry, especially remarkable. For 2017 of the two sessions of corporate bigwigs proposal, which do you agree with? Which entrepreneur has spoken of your desire? As the protagonist of the market economy and the leader of product innovation, the motion on behalf of the members of the Committee of consumer concern. In the "nineteenth session of China entrepreneur NPC and CPPCC salon, dozens of enterprises large coffee in the same room, talk about the real economy.

Dong Mingzhu: I hope that the road is running long car

Two sessions this year, Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun sat together. This time, Miss Dong mentioned during the two sessions? As a representative of China's manufacturing sector, Miss Dong's position is still around the real economy. National People's Congress, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of GREE, said in the acquisition of Zhuhai silver long failure, said: I hope the road is running long silver car. Acquisition of silver long but we did not expect the results, we do not want to see, but did see, and I think it does not matter, we insist on some of the right things to go on."

As for the venture capital placards, she said, regulators in the near future to rectify the venture capital initiatives, let us see the hope of the real economy. In the past about the real economy, is focused on manufacturing industry, by the listed company to create profits, dividends to shareholders return to shareholders, but part of the venture capital by leverage to make quick money, and these funds for industry did not produce what real help, now the regulatory policy is expected to be correct this kind of phenomenon.

Li Dongsheng: the development of China's semiconductor industry needs national financial support

This year, the National People's Congress, Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL group's proposal is still associated with the tax reduction, focusing on how to reduce the burden on semiconductor display and semiconductor chip industry. TCL is the tax cuts Jiangfei beneficiaries, Li Dongsheng at the meeting revealed that since last year, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) implementation, and benefit from the tax cut down costs and other measures, he counted the enterprise cost is reduced by about 60000000, which means TCL profit increased by more than 6000.

In recent years, Li Dongsheng's proposals are mostly related to the two tax cuts. Last year's two sessions, Li Dongsheng's two proposals on tax relief and related to appeal to reduce the burden on enterprises, respectively, it is recommended to speed up the implementation of VAT legislation, the abolition of urban maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge, etc..

Zhou Houjian: China's manufacturing industry in the high-end route has 20 years of good life

Hisense Group Chairman Zhou Houjian in the government work report mentions "China made", said the future development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, with new technologies and new models of new formats, to promote the reform of the traditional industrial production, management and marketing mode. As an old man in the manufacturing industry for many years, he said he did not believe that the experts on the outlook for the manufacturing sector bleak, he believes that if the Chinese enterprises to take the high-end route, but also 20 years of good life.

Zhou Houjian said that the manufacturing industry is not the sound of this very impetuous, my technical staff came to me, the hardware does not make money, rely on software to make money. I asked him whether the software is running on the device, in fact, many areas of manufacturing are very valuable." In his view, as long as the Chinese enterprises to take the high-end route at least 20 years of good life.

Zhou Houjian believes that there is no research and development can not be called manufacturing, the level of technical content determines the existence of differentiated products, low technical barriers will be a price war. "Just as the township enterprises from the vigorous development to the overall decline, the reason is the price war."

Robin Li: artificial intelligence comparable to the industrial revolution

CPPCC National Committee members, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li this year's two sessions proposal disclosure, this year Baidu head has three proposals, and artificial intelligence related.

First, the use of artificial intelligence technology to solve the problem of missing children.

Second, the use of artificial intelligence technology to adjust traffic lights.

Third, is the combination of artificial intelligence and various industries.

Ma Huateng: to build China Silicon Valley"

Ma Huateng can be called a model worker, as the National People's Congress on behalf of him, this year's two sessions on a breath of 7 proposals, involving the development of the digital economy, personal information security protection, to build the bay area, such as Hong Kong, Macao and other areas of science and technology in the field of 7. He believes that efforts to build a world-class technology Bay Bay area is to build China Silicon Valley cradle. He suggested that the establishment of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao science and technology Bay normalization cooperation mechanism, play Hongkong super contact role, perseverance, the introduction of high-end talent and other five recommendations.

Ma Huateng also disclosed that in the past six months, the number of public punishment WeChat platform about 45 thousand, WeChat public platform rumor center cumulative popular science 340 million. For WeChat public numbers will accelerate the introduction of paid reading, he said, WeChat is only to provide an infrastructure for the content producers to decide whether they need to pay.

Zong Qinghou: electricity suppliers to buy traffic will impact the real economy

National People's Congress, Zong Qinghou, chairman of Wahaha Group, said the Internet is a double-edged sword, can help the real economy, but not well done, the real economy is also relatively large damage. In fact, we're not talking about the internet.

He said that now some electricity providers, spend money to buy traffic. The value of their assessment is assessed by traffic. Spend 100 dollars to buy things from the enterprise, after he posted $20 to sell the price of $80, the real economy, the price system destroyed. In the future if the monopoly of the market, then raise prices. This is more impact on the real economy.

Zhang Jindong: this year to open 1000 stores

A member of the CPPCC National Committee, Suning holdings chairman Zhang Jindong NPC and CPPCC put forward five proposals, suggestions through the national top-level design, oppose trade protectionism, break trade barriers, retail enterprises should also respond to the national "The Belt and Road" strategy implementation Chinese export enterprises from the "soldier attack" to "boat group".

For the development of Suning, Zhang Jindong said that in the transformation of the Internet, Suning always adhere to the integration of online and offline, this year will increase the intensity of shop. The construction of the store has always been Suning adhere to do. Opened 2000 stores last year, this year plans to open another 1000 stores, the main goal is the market of the three or four line, which is already planning a good.

Yang Yuanqing: off real to virtual low rate of return from the real economy

CPPCC National Committee members, Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing said that the domestic capital appears to be true to the real reason is the real economy, the rate of return on investment is lower than the virtual economy.

Yang Yuanqing proposed to solve off the real to the imaginary problem, not only to reduce costs, so the real economy of light, also must adhere to the supply side structural reform, through the development of new technologies, develop new products, develop new markets, enhance the competitiveness of the real economy, gradually change between virtual economy and real economy investment returns.

He suggested that strengthening the dominant position of enterprise innovation, enhance the new energy economy; to improve financial services, guide more funds into the real economy; support enterprises to "go out" to develop new space of development of the real economy.

This year has NPC and CPPCC held successfully, both the reform and innovation of the real economy, Internet economy still deep, and influence the success of entrepreneurs will be the proposal on people's work and life. If can be in many aspects of people's livelihood interests have more policies, and the feasible measures to strengthen the implementation, will give us the future economic development and improved living standards and lay a solid foundation.

Lei Jun: China has the opportunity to enter the forefront of the world

For the current upsurge of global wave of artificial intelligence, the National People's Congress, Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Lei Jun millet said, this is the most important China in the next ten years, the revolution of science and technology, China have the opportunity to enter the world in this field.

Lei Jun said that artificial intelligence is getting closer and closer to us, it is no longer superior, will soon enter our work and life. The current artificial intelligence technology as a child to learn knowledge, based on large data can be repeatedly trained to master the rules, artificial intelligence in the next ten years may replace the human work of more than 50%. At present, many people are Chinese artificial intelligence major global Internet giant and China of Mathematics for elementary education very seriously, contribute to the future of artificial intelligence core algorithm to train more talents, we have a chance in the world of artificial intelligence in the competition.

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