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Growth and opportunity from LCD to OLED automation equipment industry
Source: the original site创      Release time:【2017-01-06】

OFweek according to Reuters, the consumer electronics industry as the representative of the intelligent mobile phone, high frequency update cycle has brought the industry chain boom, this article from the LCD to the OLED of the micro changes in perspective, to explore the 3C automation equipment industry growth opportunities.

  Changes from the terminal: from LCD to OLED, the terminal market OLED applications to climb, manufacturers accelerate the layout of investment

  End user demand for the display to a lighter, thinner, better display effect changes. The process brings the innovation of the display panel, on the one hand is the technical innovation from LCD to OLED, on the other hand is the material from a-Si to LTPS innovation. In this trend, the panel manufacturers should be potential, increase LTPS, AMOLED investment layout, OLED is becoming a new display technology, penetration is expected to gradually improve。

  Changes brought about by the process: array, into the box, the assembly of the three major changes in the process, both the production line has also been transformed

  Display panel manufacturing process can be divided into: the front array (Array), the middle process into a box process (Cell) and post module assembly process (Module), there are two major differences between OLED and LCD processes: CF substrate, backlight assembly and fitting. Assembly link in the module, OLED and LCD in the process of the difference between the three main points: OLED reduces a CF substrate; OLED save backlight module assembly link; on the touch screen and the display module assembly, fit the equipment used is different, mainly in the change of adhesive. OLED and LCD production line equipment versatility, easy to upgrade.

  Changes in the bonus to the device side conduction, domestic 3C automation equipment companies are expected to wind up

  OLED investment accelerated, it is bound to increase the demand for equipment procurement. Before the production process and equipment in the middle of Japan and South Korea is mainly monopolized by enterprises, the latter part of the domestic enterprise equipment equipment is expected to make a breakthrough in the field of core equipment, including binding, fitting, testing, etc.. OLED investment in the process of accelerating the wave of domestic 3C automation companies are expected to make a breakthrough。

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