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5 key factors to be considered in the selection of automated assembly line
Source: the original site创      Release time:【2017-01-06】

The laboratory automation system is also called the automated assembly line, refers to the functional integration of clinical laboratory in one or several detection systems, and related equipment analysis instruments and analysis different before and after the analysis of the information network by hardware and related equipment connected with the whole body. The main components include sample pretreatment system, sample delivery system, sample analysis system, sample storage system and software control system.

Due to the rapid development of hospital clinical departments, on the one hand is the Department of laboratory specimens of doubling the amount increase of service objects to return results and then a short time requirements is shortened; space is limited, on the other hand the laboratory personnel is not enough, has become a bottleneck restricting the development of hospital. To have a scientific and rational laboratory automation system is the direction of the development of large-scale integrated laboratory, but also the general trend。


For any clinical laboratory, must be combined with the actual needs and situation of the laboratory selection of laboratory automation system, comply with the Department staff's daily work habits, consider upgrading the equipment processing capacity, improve the function of information system, improving the quality of personnel, and make a reasonable and scientific decision。


Automated laboratory planning


Compared with the traditional medical laboratory automation laboratory, greatly improve the degree of automation and intelligence in the laboratory, the design also have higher requirements, but the defects in the lab design tend to cause the instrument performance can not play, do not detect the true sense of the whole process automation。First of all, puts forward the design scheme of automation laboratory should be various standard reference issued by the state, such as the "general biosafety requirements for laboratory", "biological safety laboratory construction technology standard", "microbiological and biomedical laboratory biosafety general guidelines", the laboratory of hydropower, illumination, noise, communication interface and other details to do in advance planning. In addition, automation laboratory planning and design is not only related to the display device, more important is the specification and improvement of the work process, should fully consider the staff, samples, medical waste, clean goods import process design in laboratory。


Two, the choice of automation system and laboratory integration


Currently there are 3 kinds of automated product portfolio (as follows) to choose from:

1.IVD manufacturers to provide fully independent property rights of automated systems, connecting independent brand analysis instruments. Covers the sample analysis, analysis, testing, analysis and post processing and information management, compatible services throughout the laboratory。

2.With a IVD manufacturer to provide automated system based, can be compatible with other parts of the hardware IVD suppliers of equipment。

3.Automated rail suppliers to connect the various IVD manufacturers to provide equipment。


At present, the domestic market on the part of IVD manufacturers can be connected by hardware track, cross platform implementation of the physical connection, but different manufacturers of instrumentation and control system software platform interface is not compatible, how to realize the instrument cross platform data sharing information function is often difficult in instrument integration。


For the same manufacturer of analytical instruments, due to the same communication standards, you can easily through the intermediate software for the same management, such as monitoring the sample in the real-time state of each analysis module. But for different brands of equipment, often can only set up the basic communications, and even no two-way communication with the intermediate software, the actual role of automated information on greatly reduced。

For by different manufacturers through the acquisition and integration of single brand manufacturers, because the original design concepts of different equipment management, there are also differences in the sample way, is actually a different operating system. After the acquisition and integration of all instruments while connected on the same line for automation, detection menu incomplete defects, but also bring new problems, for example, is simple in sample transportation automation line on the track, in the detection instrument for the sample frame transport, sample management mode, make additional in the detection of the sample before the transfer step cannot match the result of overall speed, become the bottleneck of the entire pipeline。


Three, unqualified sample sorting problem


In order to ensure the quality of testing automation system, hemolysis, blood lipid samples with automatic recognition function, different manufacturers of unqualified specimens identified by chemical analysis and physical methods, chemical methods need to buy related reagents, so to determine the hemolysis, blood lipid level is more accurate, but it has the problem of increasing the detection cost and time. Physical methods can preliminary judgment of specimen traits, Roche pretreatment system through the digital radiography system abnormal specimens, given a warning of suspicious samples, physical detection method is relatively simple and no cost increase. If the chemical method is not used, the identification of the abnormal specimen is in a state of disorder, and only when the influence of the result is large can be found。


Four, information construction problems


Laboratory information system is an important part of clinical laboratory operation. Initially established to collect, record, display, organize, and document laboratory results, usually on the basis of appropriate financial management information. Despite the rapid development of information technology in general, LIS has not been developed。

Automated assembly line with the intermediate software as an effective complement to the laboratory LIS, so that the results of the laboratory in the form of not only limited to digital results, it may be text, pictures, or other images. The software is not only concerned with the detection efficiency in the whole detection process, but also the quality of the samples. As to better improve the detection efficiency and ensure the quality of the tool, can realize the function of sample overview, sample tracking, sample archiving and searching, automatic control, audit, statistics etc.。

Five, personnel issues


In general, the higher the degree of automation today, not the people's requirements are low, but the higher requirements of the people. Requirements for the detection of detection technology and detection principles and clinical knowledge to be very clear, in order to confirm the corresponding test results are accurate. In automated assembly line,A link in the problem may have an impact on the entire automated system testing, so the operator needs a high degree of responsibility and strong professional and technical level. Automation system involves more items, the amount of reagents and consumables needed every day is very large, and the maintenance of testing instruments and related facilities also needs a lot of energy. This requires not only the laboratory should have the corresponding management system and SOP, to ensure that the work of the Department。

Considering the constant development and change, but also through training and learning the corresponding to the existing sections, workload and process analysis, combined with the concept of lean, 5S, TAT key laboratory to help understand and process bottlenecks, help balance laboratory workload, lighten the pressure, improve department management level, to achieve the optimization goal。


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