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Display equipment industry
Source: the original site创      Release time:【2017-01-06】

Flat panel display industry prospects, market space from the industrial chain, the company is currently in the flat panel display in the middle of the industrial chain upstream is the corresponding metal rolling products, all kinds of electronic products is lower. From the perspective of industrial logic, the downstream product changes and heavy volume and technology is the driving force to drive equipment sales (11.15,0.010,0.09%) head. Flat panel display products include TV, notebook computers, tablet PCs, mobile phones, monitors, etc.。Flat panel display industry in 2010 from the rapid expansion in the past four years to maintain a CAGR of around 30%. On the other hand, the new technology has also brought changes in the industry to update demand, flat panel display devices to a lighter, thinner, more refined, the direction of development, but also increase the market demand midstream equipment。

 The display module equipment industry leading enterprises, the company is currently the display module equipment market leader, the main products are hot pressing equipment and laminating equipment, widely used in flat panel display touch screen display module and other related parts of the assembly production process, terminal products including smart mobile phone, computer, mobile the liquid crystal display panel TV, etc.。

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