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Photoelectric display touch show bright bloom
Source: the original site创      Release time:【2017-01-06】

The development of social economy has led to the continuous development of display technology, a variety of display technology to the human eye has brought a sense of experience to upgrade again and again. In the era of experience economy, the screen size is getting larger and higher resolution. In addition to television, mobile phone, smart cars, smart wearable devices and other terminal products demand more and more display devices, rapid growth in downstream demand, product application and market demand forced the further rapid development of display technology。

Photoelectric display innovative technology gorgeous bloom

  In 2015 the global display is undergoing profound changes, competition and industry structure on the one hand, with the Chinese panel production capacity gradually released, the global panel industry focus to accelerate the transfer of China mainland; on the other hand, the new display technology development change rapidly, has major breakthrough and change, showing the coexistence of opportunities and challenges. In order to better grasp the future trend of the development of the industry, to further strengthen the professional exhibition platform to build a display, publish, procurement and research docking and other functions in one of the global optoelectronic display and touch industry。

  In 2015, with many domestic panel production line mass production, Chinese flat-panel display industry growth will continue to lead the world, Chinese panel in the global market share is expected to rise to 15%, domestic panel self-sufficiency rate is expected to increase to more than 70%. According to the current production rate, in 2015 China's mainland panel shipments will exceed China's Taiwan region, two years after the current is expected to exceed the world's largest supply of panel korea. This exhibition, the industry leader in a strong debut shows the local strength of the optoelectronic display and touch industry。

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