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      Shenzhen Andery Automation Co. Ltd. was founded in 2010, registered capital of 2 million yuan, is a professional engaged in LCM. TP/BLU and other equipment development. Design. Production. Sales in one of the high-tech enterprises。
      The company has advanced production equipment and strong R & D technology, production team and lean management and perfect quality assurance system, to provide high quality equipment for hot pressing and jointing many well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. The company based on technological innovation and service advantages, adhering to the "advanced". "Practical." "efficient". "Research design simple", so that the quality of our products and services have been widely acclaimed by customers at home and abroad!
      As flat-panel display industry leading technology and hot pressing bonding equipment manufacturer, we have LCM automatic binding series, automatic feeding machine. Automatic plasma cleaning equipment. Automatic backlight assembly equipment. Automatic dispensing machine such as a full range of hot pressing and bonding equipment. At the same time, our company can also provide a set of practical production process and production equipment to customers, and provide perfect customer service service, continuously improve customer production technology and reduce the production costs of the customer。

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